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London now has its own AWS region!


Christmas has come early: the UK finally has its own AWS Region!

In your face, Europe! No longer will we need to rely on our pals over in Dublin for low-latency public cloud!

I’m kidding (mostly). But, in all seriousness, this is great news for businesses inside and outside the UK.

The London Region, which was officially announced yesterday, features two Availability Zones (each geographically distinct for maximum resilience) and multiple Amazon CloudFront edge locations in the UK for customers looking to deliver websites, applications, and content to UK end users with low latency.

“Our customers and APN Partners asked us to build an AWS Region in the UK, so they can run their mission-critical workloads and store sensitive data on AWS infrastructure locally,” said Andy Jassy, CEO, AWS.

UK businesses will now be able to migrate to the cloud more easily, and take advantage of its benefits and services with lower latency.

As Amazon CTA Werner Vogels commented: “With the launch of the AWS Europe (London) Region, AWS can enable many more UK enterprise, public sector and startup customers to reduce IT costs, address data locality needs, and embark on rapid transformations in critical new areas, such as big data analysis and Internet of Things.”

This is great news for enterprise organisations, particularly those in the financial services and insurance industries, who need to host sensitive data locally. Rather than having to put this data in their own data centre, or provision costly and inflexible managed hosting, they can now meet the rigid compliance standards of their industry whilst taking advantage of the flexibility of AWS.

This move may also allay some fears around Brexit. Foreign companies will be able to gain access to the UK market and host data locally, with AWS taking on the local compliance and regulation challenges, which should strengthen market confidence in the UK. As AWS puts it: “All AWS infrastructure regions around the world are designed, built, and regularly audited to meet the most rigorous compliance standards.”

As an Amazon Web Services APN Advanced Consulting Partner, we’ve seen increasing traction in the enterprise around cloud adoption. The business case for the cloud is becoming ever more compelling as AWS expands in breadth and capability and more and more enterprises get on board. AWS already boasts over 100,000 customers in the UK, a number that will only rise with the addition of the London region. 

If you would like to learn more about AWS and how we can help you on your enterprise journey to the cloud, get in touch, or check out our coverage of the recent AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.  


Benjamin Wootton

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